Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Post-Exam Lunchtime Breaks

Naturally, dental school is full of exams... Lots and lots of exams... We either have practical skill exams (more on than next week) or written exams featuring a gambit of question types, depending on the professor's like or dislike of our electronic exam software, QuestionMark. There's usually a written exam every week; some of these you can just study a day or two and ace the exam while others you can study for a week and still get your bum firmly kicked... But sometimes, we have an exam in the morning and then a large chunk of time to waste until something else, usually a lab.  So, what's a brain-fried dental student to do?  Go get yummy food that you don't have to cook! ^_^

Look at the delicious noms :-)
As you can see, today was one of those days... We decided to go to the Indian restaurant over by Lexington Market for their lunchtime buffet.  It's awesome because it's cheap at $10 for all you want (we dental students be poor or at least this one is, haha) and they have food for both carnivores and vegetarians (yours truly falls into this crew).  Only problem afterwards is the lack of wanting to go back to class...  And, for those of you that know a bit about Baltimore, this ending picture one of my classmates put together will give you a good laugh. 

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  1. That Indian buffet is really good--definitely one of the highlights of Lexington Market. I always stop to get a Berger cookie when I'm at the market, and the turkey sandwich place rocks (though I guess you won't be experiencing that any time soon). Plus if you're ever in the mood to buy some methadone, you know where to go!